Who carved the Paulsgrove Skull?

Paulsgrove Skull Sign
Paulsgrove Skull Sign

There’s a skull in Portsdown Hill. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but carved on the wall of an old cave there is a spooky face. It is mentioned and pictured by the great local resource Portsdown Tunnels. There is also a sign outside which shows a painting of the skull along with a falling rocks sign.

Does anyone know anything about this strange thing?

*** Update 24-1-2013
I just got this tweet with a bit more info:

@PortsdownHill: #paulsgrove_skull update Рapparently carved by pupils from King Richards school after the Paulsgrove estate was built (1940s)

I’d love it if anyone involved could contact me either here or via twitter (@straywasp)

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