Ender 3 v2 Stringing Fix

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I’ve been using a Creality Ender 3v2 for around a year now. It’s my first 3D printer, and after learning to successfully level the bed, it’s been pretty foolproof to get decent prints.

poor vs good retraction settings
Problem vs Fixed retraction settings

I recently got asked to print some dinosaurs for a kid’s birthday cake, and that’s when my troubles began.


After finding and modifying some models to fit my needs, I started printing and got awful strings of filament all over the place. It’s not a problem I’d had before, so I started googling and found that my PLA was probably picking up moisture. It’s been a pretty damp few weeks.

Baked PLA

I “baked” the PLA in my oven at 40ยบ for around three hours, and tried printing again. Still no improvement, so I loaded up a fresh pack of filament. Annoyingly, the prints were still a mess, so I assumed I’d knocked or messed something up. I started printing tests and all sorts to diagnose the problem.

The Fix (Max Retraction Count)

During all my test prints, I was messing with some Cura retraction settings. At some point I’d reduced the “Maximum Retraction Count” from a default of 100 down to 5. This effectively turns off retractions after 5. God knows where I read that as a solution. Changing it back to 100 immediately sorted the problem. Incidentally, the retraction is set at 7mm, but I could probably go lower know I’ve found the issue.

Next, I’ll get a proper filament dryer and retry the old filament again.

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