Passing Time in the Koh Tao Storm

Day 28 – Koh Tao – Tuesday March 29th 2011

This island is so small that it doesn’t even have roads on google maps. At the moment there are no roads anyway, just a series of rivers. It’s still raining and nobody knows how long it will last. We also heard that Burma has had an earthquake. Not sure how bad it is yet.

Koh Tao Map
Koh Tao Map

When we finally get off this island we are heading straight for the mainland and staying there. None of us wants to spend any more time on an island. I am suitably freaked out.

Spending time stranded on an island wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I’m out of books. There is a secondhand bookstore here, but they want £6 for a pirate photocopy of a real book.

We are going to a bar tonight to watch a pirate screening of Napoleon Dynamite. Should lighten the mood a bit.

BBC News and google haven’t really got any info about this situation, so we are relying on information from locals and other travellers. This gives the Chinese whispers effect, where it can be hard to determine the real facts.

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