Tired Taxi Waiting Day – Bangkok

Day 16 – Bangkok 2 – Thursday March 17th 2011

From Bangkok Railway Station we hailed a taxi to get us to our next hostel, the Bangkok Airport YHA. It backs on to the airport, but the taxi driver didn’t have a clue where it was, even with the address. I have found that the concept ‘near’ is very difficult to communicate to somebody when you don’t speak their language.

Me: “It’s Near The Airport”
Driver: “Aahh, you want to go Airport”
Me: “No, NEAR the airport… YHA…”
–Repeat x1000 (Exaggerated)

He eventually just headed towards the airport. I was following our location on a map, and ended up directing the driver to the place. We found King Kaew (Thaew) Road but there was still more confusion when we finally found Soi 58… All three of them. How can a place have three roads next to each other with the same name. (We later noticed later that there was Soi 58, Soi 58/1 and Soi 58n). I just found this note on the YHA website:

“** NOTE ** We are located at ‘KingKaew 58’ NOT KingKaew 58/1 and NOT KingKaew 58n
If you come from the Airport, KingKaew 58 comes after KingKaew 58/1 and 58n”

The taxi only cost a fiver for all that driving around so we can’t really complain too much. We booked another taxi for around 3am to get us to the airport, and then had a stroll around the local area to find food. I think we ended up at 7-11 for snacks.

Later we had dinner at the back of the YHA looking out over the airport. Again it was a low table with cushions to sit on. It’s a really nice way to eat.

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