And So It Begins

Contents of My Backpack
This is the current contents of my backpack

So I left work today. One of the strangest days ever. Really feels like I’m leaving something behind. Anyway I think it’s a good opportunity for my first travel post. It’s surprising how much stuff can fit into a relatively small backpack.

I will miss you Johnson…

Here’s a list of everything in the photo starting top left:

Wash Bag, Rain Mac, Currency, Document Wallet, Sleeping Bag Liner, Factor 20 Sun Cream, Micro-Towel, Pouch, Hand Sanitiser, Trusty Flip Flops, Books, Sunglasses, Lock, Spork, Shorts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Wallet, Money Belt, Inflatable Pillow, Carabiners, Sewing Kit, Shaving Gel, Electrical Plug Adapters, Duct Tape, Dry Bags, Insect Repellent (55%DEET), Ear Plugs, Toothpaste, Insect Repellent (100% DEET), Water Bottle, More Shorts, iPod, 1.8″ Backup Drive, Lumix Charger, Camera and Cables, Gorillapod, X-Mini Speaker, Swim Shorts, Socks, Trunks, Notepad, Mesh Stuff Sack, Deodorant, Head Torch, Mini Mag Lite, Malarone Tablets.

6 thoughts on “And So It Begins”

  1. Look forward to your next update as I will be following your trip with both interest and concern . Enjoy every minute of every experience x

  2. Your desk will still be here for when you get back. It may just be slightly more used.
    Have a great time, we will be keep in touch on your journey.

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